Publishing and Uploading to Blackboard

A presentation created in Adobe Presenter contains more than just text and images. Rather than upload the PowerPoint file to Blackboard, you need to publish the presentation and upload the ZIP file to Blackboard.


  1. Choose your settings
  2. Publish the file as a ZIP
  3. Create a folder in the Course Files, and upload the ZIP package into it
  4. Add a content item linking to the HTML file


Publish the presentation

  1. In the Adobe Presenter tab within Power Point, click Publish.
    • Select somewhere to save the file (1).
    • From Publishing Format select HTML5 (2).
    • Make sure that Zip package (3) is ticked. A ZIP file contains multiple files that have been compressed – this will give us a single file to upload to Blackboard.
    • Change the title and summary of the presentation or launch the slide manager if required (4).
    • Click Publish (5) and wait for it to publish your presentation. The length and content of the presentation will dictate how long this process takes.

Upload to Blackboard

Go to the Blackboard course you want to upload the presentation to

  1. Go to the course files by clicking Content Collection and then selecting the module code that will appear below.
  2. You now need to create a folder structure to upload your zipped presentations too. The structure will be very similar to the one we created in the Managing your Files tutorial.Click Create Folder, give the folder a name, and click Submit.upload2Click the name of the folder you have just created.upload2bNow repeat this process again creating a folder named Session 1 Part 1 and select the folder.

    upload2c upload2d

    It is important that you create a sensible folder structure like this to ensure that you don’t unintentionally overwrite any previous or future presentations.

  3. Now we need to upload the ZIP file into this folder, so click on Upload, then Upload Zip Package – this will let us upload our ZIP file, and Blackboard will extract the contents into this folder.upload3
  4. Upload the file by clicking on Choose File / Browse, select the ZIP file you published from Presenter.BlackboardUploadPackageScreen
    Click Submit
  5. This uploads the ZIP file and extracts the contents. You will see a screen listing all the files that are in this folder.Presenter Zip Contents-1

Add a link to the files in a content area

Now that you’ve uploaded the presentation into your course’s files area, you need to link to the presentation so your students can see it.

  1. edit_modeGo to the content area where you want the link to appear, and make sure edit mode is on. The switch is in the top right corner.
  2. add fileFrom the Build Content drop down, choose File.
  3. Fill out the name field (1) in the Select File section. It important to give the name some real context, not just call it “Session 1 Part 1”. this is the link that students will click to view the presentation. As we’ve already uploaded the files, click on Browse Course (2).
    select file
  4. You’re now browsing the course files, so navigate through the folder structure you created file 2Thenselect file 2b
  5. Look for the file named index.htm. Select it by clicking the checkbox in the left hand column, then click file 2c
  6. You will now see that index.htm is displayed as the selected file 2dDO NOT change the Manage Access options, the default value is correct.
  7. In the File Options section select Yes for Open in a New Window. Change Standard Options as applicable. Click Submit.   

    select file 2e