Managing Your Files

It is important that you develop a strategy for managing files. Although this can be considered basic digital literacy and should be applied to all files that you store on your computer it is particularly important with Adobe Presenter projects. During the process of creating your project the tool will save many project assets that need to be kept with your original PowerPoint file.

What follows is a suggested workflow and folder structure that mirrors how we suggest that you arrange your files within the Blackboard files area (see Publishing and Uploading to Blackboard).

Creating A Folder Structure

  1. Create a new folder using the New folder button in Windows Explorer and name it the same as the relevant module (preferably on part of the network that’s backed up). In this example the academic year has also been added to the name.step1
  2. Double click into the folder. Create a folder for each session you intend to record.step2
  3. More often than not it will be necessary to create multiple resources for a single session, so you will need to create a further set of subfolders. In this example I have 3 parts to Session 1 and have created 3 folders and named them accordingly.step3

Here is an example of how your overall structure may look.


Organising the Content

  1. Working on the basis that you have already created your PowerPoint file, when opening it for the first time with the intention of recording audio, it is suggested that you re-save this file into the relevant “Session Part” folder. The PowerPoint should be appropriately named with a module identifier, session and part number.organise_step1
  2. Record some audio for the first slide and save your progress. This will create a new folder (shown below) with the PowerPoint that contains all of the assets you have created so far. This is done automatically by Adobe Presenter (you do not need to understand what is in this folder just that it is important to keep it safe).organise_step2
  3. Once you have finished recording your audio and are happy with the results you will need to publish the presentation. Take a look at Publishing and Uploading to Blackboard for help with that.
    When saving the zip file, save it to the same folder as the Power Point. This way you have your PowerPoint file, the folder of project assets and the published zip file all in one place (shown below).organise_step3