Adobe Presenter allows you to easily convert PowerPoint presentations into engaging, media rich learning objects that can be distributed online. Adding narration, animations, interactivity, quizzes, and software simulations to your existing presentations is a straightforward task, using the Presenter software.


  • A linear PowerPoint presentation can now be accessed in a non linear format.
  • Supplementary audio explanations are far easier to create than they were in Power Point alone.
  • Simple self assessment assessments can be added into a presentation.
  • These assessments can to recorded in Blackboard Grade Centre via SCORM.

How do I use it?

Once you have installed Adobe Presenter (contact the ISA helpdesk to arrange this), the software appears as an extra menu item within Microsoft Power Point, helping you to use it in a familiar environment. Upload your completed presentation to a Blackboard Course to create engaging learning experiences. If you would like to record the results of any embedded self assessment questions you will need to export the completed presentation in a format that links to the Grade Centre.

Where can I get help?

Email telsupport@aston.ac.uk for one to one help and to discuss any training requirements.

You should be aware of the copyright implications of using this tool.

Materials exported from Presenter using Flash are not compatible with mobiles or tablets so it is important that you export as HTML5.